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Welcome to the Camp Waupaca Reunion Group Website!

Your official source of Camp Waupaca Reunion Group news and activities!

(updated April 12, 2017)


Friends, we have scheduled our annual outing to Waupaca. We will gather in Central Wisconsin over the first weekend in August, from Thursday August 3rd through Monday August 7th. More details to follow . . .

Get Your 2016 Reunion Gear Today!

We have extra t-shirts and sweatshirts and hats for sale to commemorate the 2016 reunion and the 65th anniversary of camp! Order yours today! These items are available on eBay - just click the appropriate link to go to eBay to complete your purchase. Quantities are limited!

2-color t-shirts with the original Camp Waupaca for Boys Indian head logo, Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL
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Board of Directors News

On Saturday August 13, at the horseshoe around a campfire, your Board of Directors met to conduct the annual meeting of the Camp Waupaca Reunion Group. Of note: 1) The Board agreed to add a business network page to our most power equipped website. Send us a business card and we will add it to this new page. 2) The Board unanimously agreed to name Dick Garb as an honorary board member. Dick is very active behind the scenes of our group, putting us in contact with many alumni not already on our list, or alerting us to a passing. Along with his complete support for our efforts, we felt it was finally time to name Dick to our board in an honorary position. Congratulations, Dick Garb, and thank you for your endless contributions to our cause! 3) Discussions about future reunions were held. It was suggested that a handful of financially able alumni underwrite the next reunion, and we invite members to attend for free and just contribute what they felt the weekend was worth. This will require further board consideration.

Coming Soon . . .

Watch for some reunion pictures, the official time capsule, an updated Board of Directors page, reunion hats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts for sale, and the new business networking page!

Forever and forever, Waupaca!

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